Home Inspection Checklist

Dated: June 15 2018

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Unless it’s a glaring flaw or you’re a trained 

professional,you probably can’t tell if your home 

needs repairs. The home inspection is one 

of the most critical pieces of the buying and

selling process.  It’s good to know what to look

for before any inspection.  If you’re buying, 

you’ll have a better idea of what the 

inspector is looking for and if he or she misses 

anything.  If you’re selling, you can have an idea 

of what to fix before your home goes on the 

market.  It will take away the chance of surprises. 

Here are a few things to look for: 

Are there visible cracks? 
Are your appliances all working well? 
Do you hear any unusual noises?

I’ve been through many, many home 

inspections.  I can help you understand this 

checklist and how to negotiate after the 

home inspection. 

Give me a call for all of your real estate needs. 

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